Why “Curious” Counselling

I don’t accept that a diagnosis (being merely the culmination of various symptoms) truly explains the complexity of human behaviour. What surfaces in our development stems from complex interactions between our genetics and our environments. Combined with the inner experiences that we alone process and our luck in interacting with the personal factors affecting those around us.

To understand and identify these complex patterns of thoughts and behaviours, limiting ourselves to the labels of perceived symptoms (i.e.. diagnoses) misses the true human experience. Through a high degree of curiosity, of intrigue, and of particular attention we subvert these expectations and identify what we may otherwise miss lying just under the surface, the hidden and uncomfortable truths that cause us distress.

This is the strength of a curious approach. Not only do we uncover and address these underlying roots for the benefit and relief of the client, but the counsellor is also invested and intrigued by the discoveries made, by virtue of their own burgeoning curiosity.

So, with an open heart and mind, I invite you to engage in a curious exploration with which greater interpersonal discoveries, understanding and acceptance can culminate through this unique therapeutic process.