Curious Counselling 

Supportive and Introspective Exploration

An approach born out of innate curiosity

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“Cory comes across as being open, open to listening, to hearing, to ideas, exploring together and looking at things with a fresh approach.”

Kathryn A.

“Cory is great at listening to the thing you ARE NOT saying and interpreting them which I find to be more important than what you’re actually saying. He is great at fully analyzing my independent situation and seeing the whole picture, not just the decision, or thought that got me there”

R. L.

“He took the time to listen carefully to my sorrows. He made me feel extremely comfortable to open up about my issues. There is no judgment, simply empathy and the desire to help you work through some of your darkest thought. “

A. F.

“I always feel better after a session. Cory asks and prompts me to think about myself and doesn’t just analyze me as a case. His technique to allow you to discover yourself and make your own connections is really something special.”



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